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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am on Strike !

Freedom is   Internet .
Internet is Freedom.

In briefs: 

What is SOPA & PIPA? 

A bill that will censor any website accused of piracy and other intellectual property rights.It's like bang! you're a  website piracy issues   -Your shut down!  Read  Wiki's Page to be enlightened  Here.

It's against our rights.I believe  internet is for all,and any attempt  to censor  it would   mean suppressing our "Freedom of Expression or Speech" ,as stated in first amendment .The purpose is good but the way they have in mind to achieve it is  not.  

What happens if  SOPA &  PIPA is passed ?

Say bye bye to  Google, Wikipedia,YouTube, Twitter, Facebook &  other  awesome   websites you love to use.Also piratebay and torrent sites.

 Say ''No To  SOPA &   PIPA". Are you with me?


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