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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SEO tools : XGen SEO™ Desktop Review

I am working  as a SEO specialist  or  SEO  Service Provider  in the Philippines ,and part of my job  is  testing  SEO software for possible use to our social media  marketing campaign. I was  able to  test  XGen SEO™ Desktop with a price of  $79.00/month. Below  are  the offshoot of  my test.
What does  XGen SEO™  do?

Just like SEO Nuke and any other SEO tools  sold in the market ,it creates accounts and then submits to social bookmarking sites. It also allow users  perform micro-blogging and articles sites automatic  submission .The  difference is ,this   tool is paid  on monthly basis,unlike SEO Nuke that can be use once paid  using a credit card. Some SEO forum sites  also discourage  using   SEO Nuke because they consider  it  is a blackhat SEO tool.

 XGen SEO™   submits to more than  100 plus social media  marketing sites ,and can add  a tailored site. It  includes  submission  to  dozens of Social Bookmarking sites,Micro-blogging sites,Article sites ,Web 2.0 sites,and RSS sites and Ping servers.

The  SEO tool  is  smooth in terms of   social account creations, email verifications ,and social bookmark creation. Though , some features   made the  tool  complicated  for me as a user (this is normal since no tool is perfect). Like for example, the tool  takes time   in creating accounts (depends on the number of sites signed up).  XGen SEO™  has a complicated set up because   it has to be  installed on a  Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service ,and the over all software interface is not user friendly. Though, familiarity and practice of  using  this tool can really help.

As an overall  evaluation of the tool for a SEO  like me , I  think    XGen SEO™    is a potential social media marketing  software .Generally,the   features are good  (like automates account creation and submission to Social bookmarking sites,micro-blogging sites,Article sites,Web 2.0 sites ,RSS sites and ping server ).However , the price , $79.00 per month, is a high price .But , if you belong to  a  large SEO company or  SEO service provider with  numerous client  websites to market ,then this SEO tool is just right for you.

Overall rating: 8/10

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