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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facebook Behind Forums Shut Down

Social network giant Facebook has more than 800 million users ,according to their site. Most internet users would agree,it is a social network considered as a universal website. But as its influence as a social media continues to grow,is Facebook the reason why forums are shutting down? 

I suspect small business owners ,and also multinational companies, are shutting down or disabling new registrations in their forums, because they are using facebook Business pages as a product or service feedback system.
For the record,I personally think Facebook is not the main reason .Business owners found a better option to get customer ideas and queries about their products . Facebook can't be blamed to forums shutting down. Thus,they are not the main reason.Forum Spamming is. Facebook only constitutes to this huge new internet phenomena that has left forum platforms like vBulletin ,phpBB ,Simple Machines Forum , and bbPress Invision, diminished usability and marketability to companies.

Over the years forums are used to share ideas between members and create brainstorming about certain product issues or queries ,and hopefully find an answer .However, with technological advancement, forums for companies have lessened its business relevancy today.Every day more companies opt to Facebook Business Pages to connect with their clients about product, brands . This is because Facebook platform is more personal and more intimate feedback system than using forums. 

Moreover,Facebook account can access smoothly all products pages inside the social network in one account ,and this is very convenient to users/consumers. Also,in forum platforms ,users can be disrespectful or abusive because their accounts can be anonymous; different in using Facebook where comments or contents can be read by user's friends or by the public.

Basically,Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has  enabled small and big business owners on feeling the pulse of their customers, but few quality forums sites are still up. Most of these are  technical and software queries,and topics, which are not yet catered by Facebook's business pages features ,even Open Graph technology development is rapid.Despite large numbers of businesses preferring to Facebook Platform pages, Facebook is not yet ready to replace forum platforms ,entirely.But,given the fact that Facebook lures business owners in using their service,maybe they are one of the reasons behind increasing numbers of forums shutting down.

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