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Friday, March 16, 2012

Blogger's Limitations and Legal Protection

Blogging is an enjoyable and resourceful online activity especially for writers and webmasters. It gives us the freedom to express our   views and opinions  over the net ,and it is a great convenience and privilege .But no matter how much we find happiness or pleasure in blogging ,limitations always exist.There are  standards to be followed to avoid predicaments arising from misuse of information in publishing using blogs.The more sensitive the topic a blogger tackles ,the responsibility increases.Yes,you are right ,this is another preach about some famous quote from the Peter Parker movie about power and responsibility.

True Events and Cited Cases

Blogging is similar to a newspaper , and some newspapers are sued .And libel is one the legal predicaments a journalist (and also blogger) encounters due to publishing malicious information on a blog ,aside from copyright infringements and several violations of International Intellectual property rights.

Lately,I have read the first blogger to get convicted of libel in the US ,and a legal first in Philippines,Quezon City ,where a judge issues TRO on PCIJ blog .Also ,the incident of a Filipino blogger who got sued by a Government institution for posting about the said agency's 'rotting' relief goods.These few libel cases I cited relating bloggers reminds us , bloggers,that we should be steadfast in what we write or post . Bloggers should realize having a blog is like owning a sports car.You can drive it ,but it does not give you the right to ran over someone and violate traffic rules.

Blogger's Limitations

One of my greatest dreams is to become a lawyer someday.In fact ,I have few  law books at  home ,that's why issues like these concern me. I believe I have the freedom to blog about a particular topic as long as its for the general good. Actually,it is the malicious ingredient and misleading information that really stirs up libel cases.So I advise : keep away from the unhealthy blog articles.If it is not benefiting anyone,it is not meant for publication.

Today , internet has change how information is shared.Decades ago we publish and write journals on a sheet of paper using a pen ,but today most of us  are using digital device such as  laptops and computers  to read and write literature.The world is going digital , and blogging becomes ubiquitous as internet continues to invade more homes each day. Truly,blogs are powerful ,but every power has certain limitations.This is to remind bloggers that  we should write informative and helpful topics .We,bloggers should always think not to aggrieved others , but posed a sincere stand on issues.

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