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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Free Virtual Staff Finder Seminar in Davao 2012

I attended a free seminar entitled,“How to become an awesome home based worker”, sponsored by Virtual Staff Finder conducted last April 28,2012 at Microtel Inn & Suites, Damosa Gateway Complex, Mamay Road, Davao City, Philippines .I am happy I was invited by a colleague via facebook events to attend .Since the location is just one ride from my apartment ,and I needed a stress diversion ,I thought it will be an ideal way to learn new ideas and meet new faces. I was not disappointed. It was great!

Though ,the general concept is familiar to me since I have been working as a SEO specialist/ Online Marketing Strategist (Pretty Cool huh?:-) ) for almost three years now ,still the seminar has given me couple of new informative concepts. I've got helpful insights on online etiquette,what to expect in this type of employment,tips on selling yourself to future clients,and many other things on how to prepare working at home as a virtual assistant.

Based on what I have learned in the seminar, Virtual Staff Finder is  a Virtual HR recruitment firm  that does business by finding high quality freelancers to do online jobs like VA,SEO specialists ,web development , mobile apps development,etc.The idea is simple ; clients pay them to look for talents .They are like a matchmaker but between a virtual assistant and client.The good thing is, they don't  take   cut on client's payment to you if ever you are hired. 

I think the  seminar is a successful one with more than 40 attendees and interactive  Q&A   portion using skype with  VSF CEO itself Chrisc Ducker. 

The internet industry can provide tons of  business and employment opportunities for you  as long as you have the right skills set and knowledge.

Special thanks to VSF for organizing the whole event, setting up the venue, great lectures ,for the great faces ,and for providing the freebies  such as stickers & certificates, mugs and shirts( of which I don't have). I should have asked that question to get that limited edition shirt!

Thank you for the  unlimited coffee!

Now ,where's that pretty lady in the pink hair with a tattoo on her neck. Maybe,we could grab some beers sometime. What’s her name again? Just kidding ;-) <3

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