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Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Bother with the Google Algorithm?

With all of the major changes in the search engine  results like the penguin and panda updates just recently, only  few  internet users are  familiar with search engine algorithms.So, it is imperative to know more about how Google's  search algorithm works  and how does it provides  result for its users.In this blog article ,let us learn all over again  the basics of Google's search engine algorithm.

The algorithm in Google is the one responsible for searching web pages that have the keywords used in a query search. It will assign a rank for each page found based on several criteria such as the amount of keywords present on the page. Pages that are considered to have a high rank will appear on top of the search engine results page or SERP of Google. This means that the links provided in a search are the closest to the search query that the user is looking for.

For administrators of web pages, this means that being on top of Google search results will give them a good boost in website traffic including exposure to their market or audience. Having good traffic will mean that the website will get a lot of visitors, which could mean sales and profit for many high speed internet companies.

The search function for keywords in Google is just like the other search engines today. They have programs called as crawlers or spiders that travel the Internet from one link to another, compiling an index page that contains related keywords. This is where Google references the index every time a user inputs them as a search query. These spiders may also have other uses such as determining whether a website is an actual site or one that redirects people to other content.

The PageRank system is probably the most important feature which can be found in Google’s algorithm. This is an automatic system that will identify where each and every search result will go in the search engine return page of Google. A lot of users today focus too much on the first few search result pages for their queries. This means that getting on the top spot in your market means that you will get more user traffic. How exactly does Google determine these results? Here are some facts regarding how the PageRank system works:

·         The PageRank system will assign a score or rank for every search result made. A page with a high score will go up the search list.
·         Scores made from a web page with a high rank will count more compared to low ranking websites.
·         A web page that sends out a lot of links will have a lower voting power. In simpler terms, a page that redirects through a lot of links, even if it has a high ranking, will not have each individual vote count as much compared to a page that only linked to a few select sites.

Overall, the strategy and techniques that Google applies work well in the long run. Since the search engine organizes results by concentrating on the links and moving from one web page to another, it works in a useful way for people and Google itself. Webmasters may apply a few tricks that can boost their standings in Google, yet the best way to get to a good spot is by consistently providing the website with quality content that are beneficial for readers, making them bookmark your website to for back links and such.

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