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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Hassle of Google's Penguin Algorithm

No doubt Google's Penguin Algorithm is  major game changer in the field of search engine marketing  and a great disadvantage to most SEO companies.I am working in a SEO company ,and when the  penguin algorithm update came up ,we have to revamp and re-evaluate all our link building processes. As a result, we  have to halted most of our automatic SEO software operations that we are currently using for our clients. We have to   switch  to whitehat approach of doing link building ,which is by way  tiresome task for a SEO service provider like me. Our focus now is to do  link building on high quality and relevant sites.

In my opinion, the  decrease of PPC or Paid search  revenue of  Google is the reason why they have updated their search engine  algorithm.They want business owners to go to PPC (adwords)  and not to SEO companies.

That's why on my own prediction as virtual assistant,many businesses will  to opt  social media marketing  as means of driving traffic and sales.Search engine marketing (or SEO ) will be less attractive to small business owners.Unless, of course, search engines will  have stable algorithm on its results,which is unlikely to happen.

I'd like to think Google  wants  Biz Owners to drive more revenue  to its  Google's search engine Ads or Adwords using the penguin algorithm update .I have a speculation that the revenue to be  gained from this penguin algorithm update will be used to finance developing  Google plus and  further compete with Facebook, which is tremendously increasing profits through their IPO tactics.This penguin algorithm update is really a killer for SEO firms.

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