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Thursday, December 5, 2013

PowerPoint Presentation Marketing

I have a new task proposal for SEOs. This involves creating and publishing PowerPoint presentations. Conceptual designing is involved in this task. If you are working with multiple talents in your team, you can have our creative designers and writers work together.

How to do this?

First, you can make several and original PowerPoint Presentations that would be approved by someone from your outsourcing client. And after that, you can publish it to Top Presentation Sites.

Below are three types of contents for you:

1.    You can make a sale pitch presentation of the products or services of your client,  or what is the client is offering. This would sound like, “Why Choose Company A as Your Web Hosting Provider?”

The Following information must be in the PowerPoint Presentation:

•    Overview of your company including founder/owners, history, brand names and such things
•    Problems your business will address and solutions to it
•    Customer benefits
•    Your marketing strategy and competitive advantage
•    Business model you will implement and financial projections
•    Financial needs

2.    The second follow up would be “How Tos” about the client’s industry.

For Example; Company A would have a PowerPoint on "How to Set a Website using your self-hosted domain” or "How to secure your company’s  reputation online".

3.    You could have a presentation that is useful in general, but not obviously pitching your client’s products.  Basically, inside the presentation you can insert a section that suggests how to use the client’s service or product. Example Title:  “5 Best Ways to Secure your Business Online”.

These are just some tips on how to make most of  internet marketing using PowerPoint presentations. 


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