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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chema’s by The Sea Resort in Samal, Davao Del Norte

One of my favorite spots~ Virgin Mary Grotto.
A Buddha statue home decor. I see a different type of artistry in this decor. I like it.
This is my favorite home decor design. It is lighting decors with wall design decor inside their dinning area. The bricks and the lamp contemplates with the color of the wall.
Lamp decor attached to a brick foundation. It’s noticeable that the lamp decor has been withered by the sea air. I like to see it with the bricks, though. It’s ancient-looking.
Bonsai on a Landscape with some shrubs.
Artistic shells for comfort rooms
Ancient face main wall design decor at a distance.
Ancient wall design decor with the bricks foundation.
Ancient wall arts design at a closer look.
Foundation with ancient paddle home decor.

Closer look at the ancient wall design decor.

These are the picture of lamps, wall designs and landscapes I took from Chema’s by The Sea Resort in Samal, Davao Del Norte.

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