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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to pass the PNP Police Entrance Exams?

Before you can apply for Police Recruitment Program, you have to pass the police entrance exams .If you have any government eligibility certificate like Bar (lawyers),Board exam licenses, or civil service license certificates, you can choose not to take the exam. However, it is better to take exam and pass more government exams because more eligibility means more points for you.

Police service exams criteria and requirements depend on the country, organization or institutions you are applying to. Just prepare pertinent documents for police recruitment for your convenience papers, like diploma, birth certificates, professional licenses, etc.

Now, let us answer the question: How to pass the Police Entrance Exams?
Of course, there is no accurate answer to that question, because police service exam varies. However, tips and guides on how to pass the police exams are presented here.

1. Read police related articles and current events. –Read the newspaper lately? Start today. Also, know the police, press releases, advisories, leaders of the police agency.

2. Look for the coverage of the exam. This maybe announced or posted publicly. Here is the possible Coverage for the Police Entrance exam.
a. General Information & knowledge
b. Laws and jurisprudence
c. English language proficiency and skills
d. Numerical reasoning
e. Logical and abstract reasoning

3. Study possible questions- If you own a criminologist exam reviewer, use it to be familiarize with the possible questions .Some of the situational questions found in reviewer are similar to that of the actual exam.

4. Practice answering Logical and abstract questions. –These exam problems are almost the same, that’s why, it’s better to practice answering related problems if you find a book reviewer.

5. Try brain and mental activity products .Chocolates are actually fine brain enhancers. Also, various mental and memory enhancing products are flooding the market these days; you can try some.

6. Good sleep a night before the police exam. - The night before the exam don’t stressed out yourself to study. Doing so will only exhaust your body; and it may cause you a bad morning wake up. Just relax so your mind will remain fresh while taking the exam.

7. Pray. Before the exam starts, try to pray to the Lord. This will give you a feeling of being guided, (which actually you are). Praying will not harm you, just try to do it. It worked for me, maybe it’ll work for you too.

Good luck to your Police Entrance Exam! God Bless!

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