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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to pass Police PNP Recruitment Pneuro-Psychiatric Exams?

One of the most crucial stages in the police recruitment program is the Pneuro-Psychiatric Exam. Almost ¾ or 75 percent of the police applicants get denied because of failing the Pneuro-Psychiatric exams. This is done to filter applicants if they are really suitable for police work. Behavioral and sociability is measured in this process. The exam is divided into two levels.

The written exam -where police applicants are given with test questionnaires. Your answers on items on the questionnaire is actually calculated. In order to get a good score in this type of exam, you have to bring out the natural goodness in yourself. Most police agencies use personal behavior and psychological and IQ measurement questionnaires to assess psychiatric illness and Intelligence level.

1. Be consistent with your answers.

For example:
In item number 1.You like talking to public gatherings and social events?
a. Yes b. No ---You answered, Yes. You have to remember your answer in this item because in the next following questions ,you will be ask similar and related questions.
Item number 69.I am shy and don’t like to participate in social gatherings.

a.Yes b.NO .In this case, you should answer, NO, because you have to be consistent with your answer. It may also indicate you are untruthful if you answered, yes.
Your answers should also display natural goodness in you as a person. But, always remember be consistent with your answers:

Another Example:
Item number 13. I am sad when I see a bird with broken wings.- You should answer, YES.
Item number 55.I like to shoot birds and haunt animals. You should answer, NO to justify that you are telling the truth when you answered item number 13. I hope this make sense.

2. Follow instruction carefully: During the test, it is always important to follow instructions. Knowing how to follow instructions is a good indicator that you will be a good police man given that following orders is a critical issue in the police force. When you are told to write your plank number in the upper right side of the folder, do it exactly as you are told.

3. Drawing Section. Police applicants are told to draw persons, Male and female. This is done to see the perspective of the person to another. Some of the concept included here are tricky, and everything being drawn could mean something to the psychologists, therefore, be careful.
Here are the tips in the drawing part.
>Don’t draw a stick person
>Draw people with happy face.
>Draw normal people: with 2 ears, 2 eyes, 5 fingers in each hands,etc.
>Give differentiation between a male and female. Short hair for men; long hair for women,etc.

4.Essay Section of the Exam. At random occasions, police applicants are given essay exercises. This is done to assess police applicant in skills incident reporting, which is very important in the police service. Be precise in your English, and watch grammar rules, just a tip.

5. The IQ test. It is very important you get high scores in this section. Police agencies have a high regard for intellectual personnel. Expect this exam to be time pressured. The proctor does not expect you will answer all the items correctly so answer carefully. Aim for quality and not quantity and don’t leave any items unanswered.

The Personal Interview: Police applicants are assessed by the way they present themselves. Be snappy in carrying yourself and be witty in answering their questions. In other words, you have to be well-spoken and fluent. Generally, you have to sell yourself in this part of the Police Recruitment Pneuro-Psychiatric Exam.

I hope those mentioned guides above can help you pass the Pneuro-Psychiatric Exam. Good luck Mate!

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