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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to pass the Police Recruitment Medical Exams?

If you are not physically fit or you are suffering from a serious sickness, need  not to apply for police service recruitment because you're wasting  time .You will end up being denied and rejected. Being healthy is a general requirement in any job applications. No employer would hire a sickly worker, right? Just like in the police service.

Before you submit the pertinent papers and folders to your recruiting police agency, have a comprehensive medical exam on a private hospital .It  is essential so that sickness can be earlier detected and treated before the police application processing starts.

Check your   BMI. If you are fat or too thin, it is advisable to condition your body first, and achieve a good range of BMI.

What is BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is computed by the recruiting agency as advised and supervised by respective physicians. It means that your height should propositional to the weight that you have .According to Wikipedia,"Body mass index is defined as the individual's body weight divided by the square of his or her height."

Visit your Dentist. If you have dental issues (crooked teeth, tooth decay), fixed it before the police dentist does. It is important to brush your teeth prior to exam because the police dentists don’t like filthy teeth during dental exam .Get a mouthwash just to be sure.

See the Eye Doctor. Undergo Snellen test and Isshiharra test to be sure that you are capable of seeing the right things. Who knows, you might shoot the wrong guy. The police agencies don’t like that. Terrible.

Check out your Ears. Hearing problems? See the ear doctor because this may have a long term treatment.

Call your Cardiologist.Chest pain? Undergo ECG. If you have a heart disease, you can’t survive the training and you will be denied. So to be sure you will not collapse during the police training, see your doctor. The police training is really tough, and applicants may get injured and even get killed. Yikes!

Get an X-ray. Lungs related problems are very common reasons why police applicants get denied. If you have bronchitis, tuberculosis and Pneumonia have treated before you apply.
Have your blood check .High blood, high Createnin level and high sugar levels and hepatitis are common grounds why police applicants get rejected. Have it analyzed for early treatment. You don’t have AIDS do you?

Exercise and maintain healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods. Regulate smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks. Have a good sleep.

Those are tipss on How to pass the Police Recruitment Medical Exams.

Good luck and Stay healthy!

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