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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Pass Police Recruitment Program

For those aspiring individuals wanting to enter the police force maybe the most common question you will ask is ,“How to pass the police recruitment program?”. Maybe, you Google it, that’s why you found this blog .Well, let me give you an overview of the recruitment process. A police recruitment program is divided into many different levels, depending on the country or organization you are applying. You need to pass all of those stages to proceed to another. 

These stages are:

1. Police Entrance Examinations or Criminologist Board Exam (for BS Criminology graduates) Read ‘’ How to pass the Police Entrance Exams? for more details.

2. Medical Exams: Height, Weight, General Physical Examinations or GPE, Dental Exam, Snellen test ,Isshiharra ,Ear examinations, X-ray.etc.
Read ‘’ How to pass the PNP Medical Exams?for more details.

3.Pneuro-psychiatric Exams: Personal Interview & Written Exams
Read ‘How to pass the Pneuro-psychiatric Exams?  for more details.

4. Physical Agility test-test for physical strength and capacity of the applicants.
Read :” How to pass the Police Physical Agility test?”for more details.

5. Final interview or Panel board - Read How to pass the Final interview or Panel board?” for more details.

6. Oath taking (pledge of loyalty or service)-What to do?

7. Survive the Police Training. :” How to survive the Survive the Police Training?

Complete the stages listed above to pass the PNP recruitment program and be a Police Officer 1.

And if you are a doctor or lawyer, apply for higher rank afterwards. Such professions are highly prioritized in the police service. Good luck mate!

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