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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Which Web Browser to Choose for Your Android?

 Selecting an ideal mobile browser for your Android phone is just the same with choosing a web browser for your computer. Are you looking for something that does not take up much memory space and is fast? Or are you looking for a browser that gives you a better online experience with the customizability of add-ons and themes? Take a look at some of the most popular Android web browsers today to help you look for one that suits your wireless Internet browsing needs.


If you are looking add-ons that will give you a better browsing experience, go for Firefox. This is a portable version of the same browser that is available for computers. Similar to its computer counterpart, the Firefox for Android gives you the add-ons that you are looking for.

There are a lot of add-ons available for this Android Firefox browser such as URL Fixer which automatically corrects the typos in URLs. Reading List is also available which lets you keep offline web pages for you to browse without Internet connection later. This browser will let you choose a custom skin for it after you have downloaded the Personas add-on. This web browser is ideal for users who are fond of tweaking and tuning their web browsers to give them their own personal feel.

Dolphin Browser HD

This web browser allows you to make a webzine from the feeds of popular sites. The format of its webzine offers easy to identify web pages, many of its clutter gotten rid of to give users an easier experience. Although Dolphin is not able to convert every site into a webzine, it still proves itself a useful tool for staying updated with the latest events. The word ‘Webzine’ can be found next to the URL if a page cannot be converted into a webzine. Just tap the ‘Webzine’ and see the page in webzine format.

Opera Mobile and Mini

Two mobile browsers are available for Opera: Opera Mobile which, with its full size, amounts to 12 MB in space and the lighter Opera Mini which is only 767 KB. Page requests that you input will be sent to a server when using Opera Mini which compresses each one of them before returning them back to your phone. In this kind of process, browsing with Opera Mini becomes faster. Opera Mobile, however, renders the pages the way it should look on a computer compared to Opera Mini.

Which One to Choose

Select the browser that suits your needs for browsing the web. If you are looking to load pages as fast as they can for your Android phone, then go for the Opera Mini browser. Looking for tweaking and customizing? Then Firefox mobile is the browser for you. If you are into news, then the webzine capabilities of Dolphin will make reading easy.

Plenty of other browsers are available in the Android Market for you to choose from. Try them all and see which one of them is right for you!

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