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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why Choose a Police Career?

Before we proceed on most frequent questions like: How to pass police recruitment program? Or how to pass the police entrance exam; we should answer one important question, why should you apply for a police career?

A police career in the government is one of the most stable jobs today. It is considered as established and indispensable job; given that government needs manpower to safeguard the citizen’s welfare and uphold peace and order. An entry level position or Police Officer 1 in the service has an average take home pay of 18,000- P20, 000 and it’s continuously over the years. And with, continuous education and training, the pay increases as the police rank level gets higher. Not to mention the benefits included and rice incentives provided by the local government.

Setting aside financial reasons, being a police officer is a fulfilled, honorable and noble job. Serving your country is a good reason why you should apply for police recruitment program.

However, this challenging profession is not for everyone. Police officers and field personnel face life threatening dangers every day. They conduct surveillance activities on notorious criminals, rescue distress citizen, and haunt wanted criminals and other risky missions. Therefore, mentally and physically capable personnel are required, for the success of the mission. You can say a police career is a tough man’s job. If you decide to apply for police recruitment program, remember your life can be at risk any time .Always think this is not an ordinary job that regular people perform but a profession that needs dedication, passion, sacrifice and sincerity.

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